Guidline for entering and administrating own organ concert data

  • Entering concerts with and without user identification: When entering a new concert date with an self-choiced user id, this concert is stored in the database with the username and a system-generated password. After storing the system tells you the password so that you are able to edit or delete your concert date at any time. Therefore, you have to login with your username and password on the left side of the start page. If you want to select an own password, you must use the registration link under the login form on the left of the start page.

  • Display concert geographically: If you want your concert to be shown on the maps, you must enter the postbox id of the location of the concert. The system prints the concert automatically on the map after entering the complete concert data.

  • Entering the soloists using the format [prename.surname] gets them to the soloists list automatically.

  • Multiple entering concert dates with same location / date / soloist etc. When entering a new concert date as a registered user, you can save the data as a template. This means that the user form is initialized with your own template data when entering a folowing new concert. To use this feature, login with your username and password an select "Enter new concert" on the following user page.

  • Concert review / Forum You can write you opinion to a concert that already has taken place. There's no login needed. therefore, follow the link "Evaluate concert" under the appropriate entry.